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Amul Kulfi - Pista Malai, 60ml

Amul Pista Koolfi is an ice cream with traditional Indian flavour. We are wondering why Amul has not clearly mentioned which oil they have used and why they have mentioned just ‘edible oil’ in the product label. People have a right to know what they are consuming and by doing so we wonder if they are trying to hide something. Ice creams are typically not eaten in very large quantities. So, even though Ice creams such as this one tend to have quite a bit of sugar, we do not see it as a major problem in a diet that is otherwise low on sugar. The rest of the ingredients like milk solids, nuts are wholesome and healthy additions to the diet – especially of children.
₹25.00 ₹20.00

Amul Frostik Candy Ice Cream 70ml

A chocolate centre wrapped in real milk chocolate ice cream and coated in crispy nuts, Frostik is a real chocolate connoisseur's delight. Amul – Frostik Ice Cream Candy 70 ml. Amul Frostik is a unique combination of smooth milk chocolate and magical crystal pops. Take a bite and let the chocolate melt for a popping surprise. Its not just a chocolate bar ice cream, its an experience that will leave you wanting for more.
₹30.00 ₹25.00