Colgate Sensitive Soft Bristles Toothbrush - 4 Pcs

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Colgate Comfort Sensitive, Soft Bristles Toothbrush, with soft curved bristles, provides deep yet gentle mouth clean. The silky soft bristles for sensitive teeth and gums gently clean your mouth. It sweeps away food and plague, giving you a cleaner mouth with every brush. The compact head size reaches corners of the mouth, to provide deep clean action.Soft curved bristles gently clean between the teeth

  • Compact head size reaches corners of mouth
  • Provides gentle cleaning for sensitive teeth and gums with silky soft bristles
  • Colgate is India’s No.1 brand used and recommended by dentists
  • Helps minimize pressure on gums and ensures better control while you brush
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From the manufacturer

Sensitive TB - A+
Sensitive TB - A+

How to Identify Sensitivity?

- Tooth sensitivity refers to transitory but sharp pain you experience in your teeth

- Hot, cold, sweet or very sour food and drinks, and even breathing cold air can make a tooth feel sensitive

Product Information

What causes Sensitivity?

Sensitiv TB - A+

Sensitive TB - A+

Sensitive TB - A+

Worn tooth enamel from using a hard toothbrush or brushing aggressively

Tooth erosion due to highly acid food & beverages

Gum recession that leaves your root surface expose