Cumi CID-013 VR Impact Drill Machine, 650W, Drilling Capacity: 13mm

Make drilling into steel, concrete, and wood super-easy with this highly-efficient and portable impact drill machine. This 650 W powerful machine is manufactured from nylon material and has a chuck size of 1.5 to 13 mm. It has a frequency of 50 Hz and voltage of 230 V. With drilling capacity of 10 mm in steel, 13 mm in concrete, and 15 mm in wood, this drill machine has rpm of 0-2800 and is equipped with advanced techniques and durable material. We source it from the well-known brand Cumi. This machine is offered with a warranty period of 6 months. Cumi products are widely acknowledged in the market for their premium quality and durability.
Manufacturer: CUMI
Delivery date: 3-5 days
Old price: ₹3,350.00
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Inspection and Maintenance Tips

  • Check the drill bit and replace with a new bit whenever cutting edge is worn or damaged.
  • Continuous use will endanger the user and reduce usable life of the tool.
  • Check and replace carbon brushes when they are worn-out. Auto Stop carbon Brushes fitted on the machine will stop the machine when it is worn out.
  • Inspect the tool regularly for loose screws and replace/tighten them periodically.
  • Always be sure that the machine is switched OFF and unplugged when changing a drill bit or for maintenance Purpose.
  • To maintain product safety and reliability, repairs, maintenance or adjustment should be carried out by CUMI Authorised Service Center only.

    Usage Instructions :


    1. Attaching the Addition Handle :

    For safety reasons,always use the additional handle supplied

    Open the clamping ring by turning the additional handle anticlockwise. Push the additional handle onto the collar of the machine. Insert the depth stop. Securely tighten the additional handle at the angle required for the application.

    2. Adjusting the Depth Stop :

    Loosen the additional handle. Set depth stop to the desired drilling depth and retighten additional handle.

    3. Switching On and Off :

    To start the machine, press the trigger switch. Press in the trigger switch to change the speed. For continuous operation the trigger switch can be locked using the lock button. To stop the machine, press the trigger switch again.

    In continuous operation, the machine continues running if it is forced out of your hands. Therefore, always hold the machine with both hands using the handles provided, stand in a safe position and concentrate.

    4. Switching Between Normal / Impact Drilling :

    Select the desired operating mode by pushing the sliding switch.

    Drilling Drilling
    Impact DrillingImpact Drilling

    Work with high speed settings when impact drilling.

    Impact drilling and normal drilling only in a clockwise direction.

    5. Selecting the Direction of Rotation :

     Do not activate the direction switch unless the motor has completely           stopped.

    Select direction of rotation:
    R = Clockwise
    L = Anticlockwise

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Product Information
Drilling Capacity

13 mm

Drilling Capacity (in Steel)

10 mm

No Load Speed

0-2800 rpm


 1.4 kg

Chuck Size

1.5-13 mm

Drilling Capacity (in Wood)

15 mm

Operating Voltage

230 V 50 Hz

Power Consumption

650 W

Tool Change With Chuck

Clamping tools:

Insert the tool and clamp evenly in all 3 holes using the chuck key.

Impact Drill Inserting the Drill Bit

Removing tools:

Open the geared chuck using the chuck key and remove the tool.

Drill Bit loosening