Cumi CWS-190-E Circular Saw, 1200W

Cumi CWS-190-E Circular Saw, 1200 W is a premium quality Circular Saws from Cumi. All Cumi CWS-190-E Circular Saw, 1200 W are manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field. The materials utilized to manufacture Cumi CWS-190-E Circular Saw, 1200 W, are sourced from the most reliable and official Circular Saws vendors, chosen after performing detailed market surveys. Thus, Cumi products are widely acknowledged in the market for their high quality. We are dedicatedly involved in providing an excellent quality array of Cumi Circular Saws.
Manufacturer: CUMI
Delivery date: 3-5 days
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Description :

Installation Procedure

Mounting the saw blade :

Caution be sure the power is OFF :

  • Install the saw blade in the reverse order of removal.
  • The saw blade should be installed so that the arrow in the saw blade is aligned with the arrow in the saw cover.

Dismounting the saw blade :

Caution be sure the power is OFF :

  • Se the cutting depth to maximum and place the saw in a rigid position.
  • Depressing the lock lever, turn the bolt up with the spanner.
  • When the saw shaft is fixed, turn the spanner counter clockwise to remove bolt and washer.
  • Hold tight the safety cover knob. Retract the safety cover into the saw cover and take out the saw blade.

Replacing a carbon brush :

  • After using the circular saw for a period of time the carbon brushes should be checked. Take out the screw cover and brush. Check the condition of wear. When the carbon brush is worn to 4mm, it should be replaced by a new one.
  • Note: activate the circular saw for several minutes after repalcement of the carbon brush.

Maintenance and Inspection Tips:

Inspecting the saw blades:

  • Use of a dull blade will cause motor malfunctioning the blade should be checked regularly. If the blade is found to be excessively worn, replace with a new one immediately.

Inspecting the mounting screws:

  • Inspecting all mounting screws regularly to be sure that they all are properly tighened. Should any of screw be loose, retighten them at once. Failure to do so could cause a serious accident.

Maintenance of the motor:

  • The motor unit winding is the "heart" of the tool, check it carefully to ensure the winding does not become damaged or wet with water or oil.
  • Maintenance and inspection of the safety cover.
  • Carefully maintain the safety cover so that ir remains capable of smoothly functioning. Completely remove sawdust deposited around the rotry portion of the safety cover and apply spindle oil to its sliding section to attain better functioning.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Product Information

6 Months

Operating Voltage

230 V 50 Hz



No Load Speed

4500 rpm

Power Consumption

1200 W


 5.3 kg

Diameter Of Wheel

190 mm

Max.cutting Depth

62 mm @ 90 deg

46 mm @ 45 deg

Operating Instruct

Preparing a wooden work stand because the saw blade appears through the lumber's botton plane, place the lumber on a work stand when cutting, when a sqaure plank is utilized as a workstand select level ground to stabilize it. It is very dangerous if the position of the workstand is shaky, the portion of lumber left on the workstand after cutting must be helf tight. For lumber tightly held by a vice, the cutting is safe.

Cutting Procedur

  • Place the saw body on the lumber and align the marking off line with the blade at the guide piece.
  • Turn "ON" the switch button on the leftside before the saw blade touches the lumber.
  • The switch is turned "ON" when the trigger is squeezed and turned "OFF" when the trigger is released.