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Organic Cumin Seeds | Natural Safaid Jeera | 100 gram |

We Are committed for providing Pure & Natural quality of cumin seeds. We are Sortex the original quality of cumin seeds and provide that in that's original condition. Without Cumin the dish is incomplete. flavors and aroma that came from pure and unadulterated spices./- Customer can see original quality of cumin seeds in our products images.-/

Fresh Mustard Seeds (Whole Rai) | 250 gram |

In Indian cooking mustard seeds are more commonly used. mustard seeds contains a higher proportion of the volatile mustard oil and strongest flavor. Perceived as health benefiting spice, mustard seeds are indeed very rich in Phyto-nutrients, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Raw Peanut /Ground Nuts | 250 gram |

In between the meals, everyone craves for having something light yet tasty to eat to delight the taste buds and get energy for doing works. Our mouth-watering Salted Peanuts packs help you get tasty as well as nutritionally beneficial food items to be consumed as tea-time item or snacks between the regular meals

More Bengal Gram Dal - Roasted | 250 gram |

We Are provided a premium quality Roasted Bengal gram split. It is good for making delicious and nutritious recipes in your kitchen in a healthy way. It is made from 100% Pure Bengal gram. It provides sufficient energy without being heavy on stomach. It is rich in Protein, fiber,iron etc.. No gluten. It can be used for cooking and baking. It It is best for making thick chutney with tasty breakfast. It is a highly nutritious super food. It can be simply eat as a snack for children. It is like a staple diet. It is dry roasted product. Store in an air tight container for longer shelf life.

Organic White Sugar (Sulphurless) | 1 Kg |

It is pure, free-flowing and hygienically processed. Untouched by hand, hygienically processed and packed. It is available in attractive 1 kg and 5 kg polypacks with improved sparkling white, quality sugar.

Patanjali Honey, | 1 kg |

Patanjali honey has fructose, minerals, vitamins and natural nutritious elements. It is a good quality anti septic and blood refi nor. Its regular use treats cough, cold and fever. It also helps in early healing of injuries. The jaggery and sugar available in the open market have dangerous chemicals and polluted contents. Hence, the naturopathy doctors tell sugar as white poison. Thus, use Patanjali honey for sweetness and remain healthy forever. Special note different seasons also bring changes in the state of pure honey hence, if Patanjali honey also gets deposited, use it without any apprehension with happiness. Quantity and use use honey with roti, milk, gruel and other edible items for sweetness. Most of the ayurvedic medicines are taken with honey.

Lion Honey 1 Kg

₹290.00 ₹275.00

Lion Mixed Fruit Jam 500 g

₹88.00 ₹86.00

Nature's Nectar Himalaya Honey Combo (Sidr Honey 400g+ Acacia Honey 400g) ,800g

Sourced from High Hills of Himalayas Full of vitamins and minerals in their pure form Free from GMO, pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics, and toxins. Free from harmful fertilizers & adulteration, it comes with the benefits of the double immunity
₹725.00 ₹649.00

Mota Rawa 1KG

₹55.00 ₹40.00